8 Sexual Hygiene Tips to Achieve Better Sex Life

Sex is our expression of love towards our partner. We have to satisfy our partner through our maximum performance.

But it doesn’t end there, we should always practice sexual health and hygiene. The absence of sexual hygiene can affect not just your performance, but your whole sex life.

Here are 8 tips that you should consider for your sexual hygiene to have a better sex life:

Always Wash and Dry

It is a must that we should always wash ourselves, especially our genital region. Unlike women who need a feminine wash, men only need wash and soap to do the cleaning and disinfecting.

It is also important that you clean or wash every after sweaty activities. Lastly, to avoid jock itch, make sure that you dry after bathing, sweating and swimming.

Change Underwear Daily

As much as we need to change our clothes daily, it is also a must for men to change underwear on a daily basis, or every after sweaty activities.

This can help avoid odor, infections, and irritations. A smarter choice for an underwear is those cotton-made to provide more comfort for our genitals.

Check Genitals

It is a good habit to check your own penis and testicles for any irregularities. Check if there are bumps, sores, blisters, redness, and warts. These irregularities may indicate STDs, cancer and other health problems.

Trim Your Pubic Hair

Do not let your pubic hair turn into a large bush. Long pubic hair may intervene into your intercourse. It is important to trim down your pubic hair.

However, it is advisable that you do not shave your pubic hair to the roots. According to a study, pubic hair may help your genitals stay clean and warm. Body hairs are also believed to diffuse pheromones which help people feel attraction.

Avoid Fit Pants

Allow your genitals to breath by avoiding super fit and skinny pants and jeans. A looser fit is better for proper functioning down there.

Fit pants can cause overheating which can affect fertility and can cause infection. Further, underwear should never be too fit as well to avoid restriction of genitals.

Be Sure and Safe

We know that you trust your partners so much, but it is always important to be sure and safe first.

There may be infections that we cannot see to our naked eye. If you have not tested yet, it is a safe choice to use a condom during intercourse to avoid further infections.

Communicate With Your Partner

Always ask your partner about their sexual health. Also, check your partner’s hygiene. It is important that both of you practice good sexual hygiene for you to enjoy sex.

Consult a Doctor

The best option to be sure about our sexual health is to consult a doctor. Get routine check-ups with your partner. Do not be shy to tell your doctor about your problems, they are there to help you, not discriminate you.

Some STDs and other genital infections do not show symptoms. Only doctors can determine the health of your genitals.

Lastly, demand an HIV test or other examinations that may identify any existence of infection in your genitals.

8 Sexual Hygiene Tips to Achieve Better Sex Life
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Top 3 reasons why sexual health is so important in life

People often complain about their physical illness or mental health like fighting depression, stress, anxiety, etc. But we feel hesitant to talk about our sexual health, which is a very important part of life. It’s actually part of your overall well-being.

Here are the top three reasons why sexual health is so important.

1. It’s part of your entire health

3 Reasons Sexual Health Is Important In Life

Our sexual health is part of our overall health. Due to stress, people often fall ill both physically and mentally. But stress can also have a negative effect on your reproductive system.

For example, stress can cause choma which may eventually lead to vaginal infections. Diet also affects our sexual health.

2. You can make informed choices

By knowing about your sexual health you can make decisions about family planning, treatment of diseases like STIs, HIV, etc. So, all these depend on health or otherwise of sex life for improved relationship moving forward.

3. It affects your sex life


Sexual health includes mental health along with physical health. So, you should understand more about your sexuality and know your needs. That way you will be able to make informed choices regarding sex.

We all should have good knowledge about our sexual health and discuss it with others to learn more about it. We should take the proper diet and exercise regularly in order to have good sexual health.

We should be aware of our sexual needs and make choices that we feel comfortable with. At the same time, we should be aware of the various sexually transmitted diseases that can have a major effect on our overall well-being.

5 ways men can improve their sexual health

It can be very disappointing for men when their sexual health is not good. It leads to depression and frustration; eventually, it starts to affect their normal life.

To avoid such situation, here are some tips on how to improve your sexual health and transformed your confidence levels.

Do exercise regularly

Exercise to improve sexual power

If you don’t exercise regularly, your sexual health will be affected. You should be active in order to maintain a good sexual health.

You can do various types of exercises including walking, cycling, etc. You can also take part in sports that you enjoy, like tennis or badminton. You should maintain an active lifestyle.

Eat healthy

Healthy Foods Vs Good Sex

Food can affect your sexual health. You should eat food that is full of nutrients. You should avoid eating food rich in fats. Lots of vegetables, fruits, whole grains and low-fat milk must be part of your regular diet.

Cut down your alcohol intake

If you take too much alcohol, it will reduce your libido. You might have erection problems and it will affect your sexual health. It will be hard for you to experience orgasm.

Quit smoking


You can suffer from sexual dysfunction if you smoke. It also affects the quality and quantity of your sperms. Smokers find it hard to maintain an erection as the arteries that lead blood towards the penis often gets damaged.

Avoid having stress


When you are in stress, your sexual health gets affected. You should maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to minimize stress in your life.

You must follow a routine always so that you can finish your tasks on time. You should learn how to manage your stress so that it doesn’t affect your sexual health.

If you don’t have a good sexual health, it can affect your personal life and professional life as well.

Besides taking good diet, exercising, minimizing stress, reducing intake of alcohol and smoking, you should also visit your doctor at least once a year. You should always be optimistic and handle difficult situations with a positive attitude to enhance an overall sweet relationship with your spouse.

4 tips for having a better relationship with your spouse

As the years pass, there are many people who feel that their marriage is not working well. Couples get dissatisfied and bored with their life.

Marriage is a bond that you can carry for a lifetime. But like all other relationships, it needs proper nurturing in every areas like sexual and romantic feelings. Here are some tips to improve your relationship with your partner.

Show mutual respect

4 Tips Better Relationship With Spouse

You shouldn’t take each other for granted. You should respect one another choice and wish.You should take the time to be appreciative and supportive towards your partner. You should try to understand your spouse’s feelings.

Be romantic

Romantic Feelings for Better Love

Your sex life must be on the high end of your priority list. You should try to revive your feelings for each other and spend more time together to improve your sex life. You can flirt with one another and send romantic messages throughout the day.

Perform daily household chores together

Helping Your Wife with Chores

Cleaning the house, taking care of the kids, etc. are not only the responsibility of the wife. The husband has equal responsibility. You should share the work.

You should do shopping, cleaning, cooking, etc. together. That way you will get to spend more time with each other as well.

Discuss your financial situation

Financial Situation

You should have clear financial goals and discuss it with your spouse. You should have a mutual decision about saving and spending money. That way money cannot come in your way and spoil your relationship.

Always try to make your life simple and full of fun. You should spend enough time for each other and try to understand one another.

You shouldn’t be too occupied with your work or other things that you cannot give sufficient time to your family. Respecting each other is the key to having a long happy marriage. See more stories here. And here where you can contribute to our growth.…