This is an event about life, love, and relationships. It is an event for the parents, caregivers and anyone who believes in the Church’s teaching. The aim of this event is to provide theological knowledge on various aspects of life including dignity, disabilities, etc. There will be many renowned personalities from various fields who will talk about these different issues of life. The speakers have lots of knowledge in these areas and the teachings of the Church. You will get lots of practical guidance on these various important issues of life that we often hesitate to talk about.

By participating in this event you will be able to learn a lot about sexual health and what the Church has to say about it. You can discuss different things and share your concerns related to the subject and share your views. You can later teach your children the right things about life and sexuality. It’s an event where you can talk about this conservative topic comfortably and clear all your doubts regarding it. Hope you will join the event.