What You Need To Know About Sexual Health And Birth Control


Sex is great. Especially when done with the right person; Sex with the right person is the best. Isn’t it? It just feels right on so many different levels. Sex, would just be a bonus when pleasing our partner.

So how can you further improve you – and your partner’s – sex life? Try focusing on your sexual health. The lack of such sexual hygiene actually plays a big part in one’s life.

birth control

So here are 8 tips that you should know about your sexual health and birth control:


Keeping Clean

Remember that after a long and tiring day, your body accumulates so much sweat. So, it just makes sense keep it clean, especially down there to maintain good hygiene!

It’s recommended for women to make use of feminine wash to help mitigate irritation. Males, however, need only soap and water for cleansing and disinfecting.

With that said, part of regular hygiene is, of course, changing garments and underwear on a daily basis.


Avoid Fitted Jeans

Leave some breathing-space for your genitals! Fit pants may be the cause to overheating, which then would affect one’s fertility and cause infection. Furthermore, underwear shouldn’t be too fit to avoid restriction for genitals.


Using Protection and Birth Control Pills

There are infections that aren’t visible to the naked eye. If yet to be checked, it is always safe to make use of protection to avoid infections.

Aside from protecting you from various diseases, protection can also spare you of any unwanted pregnancies. Aside from condom, you can also make use of birth control pills.


Scheduling your Birth Control Pills

Birth control pills would require a strict schedule for it to be effective. There are numerous times when you can take your birth control pills. First day of your period, first Sunday after the start of your period, or whenever you want basically, are the three times you can take your pills.

Pills must also be taken from left to right and on a day to day basis for them to work.


Consulting your Doctor

To be fully sure of your sexual health, it’ll always be best to consult a doctor. Only they can detect issues that could put your sexual health at risk.

Lastly, always ask for an HIV test or any other tests that could possible identify any presence of infection in your genitals.