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We thank you for supporting us to educate people about the teachings of Church on sexual health, life, relationships, and well-being. We organize this event to increase the awareness of people regarding these important aspects of life. With your help, we can promote good sexual health, let people know about the right practices, etc. Organizing such events is very expensive. We try to bring in the most qualified people as the speakers of such event. We advertise our event widely so that we can expect a large number of audiences and the teachings of the Church can be disseminated to a lot of people. Many people give the effort to make this event a successful one. Your donation can help us continue arranging such event every year. All the donations will be tax deductible.

How to donate

We have a secure site where you can donate. However, you can also donate through the mail or by calling us. The money you donate will be used for our current and future activities. You will be protected by our privacy policy, so your personal information won’t be disclosed. By donating us you will become an active participant in our campaign. You will receive respect, gratitude, and recognition. You will help others learn about good sexual health and help them lead a happy life.

If you are interested in donating, please contact us. You will need to fill out a small form and then give your donation in any form you prefer. Your contribution will be highly appreciated.